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Happy New Year,  Dear Ones!

Since Mind Over Medicine launched in May of this year, the number of people registered for this mailing list has jumped from 20,000 to 50,000+, and many of you just signed up recently as a result of my National Public Television special Heal Yourself: Mind Over Medicine. Because so many of you are relatively new to this tribe of empowered patients, conscious health care providers, and enthusiasts of mind-body medicine, spirituality, personal growth, and transformation, I wanted to give you all a hug!


I feel incredibly blessed to be one of the messengers for a message that belongs not to me, but to everyone who cares about health, healing, and consciousness. I am beyond grateful for the opportunities I’ve had in 2013 to amplify this message, and I’m so happy those of you who resonate with this message found your way here.

An Orientation

I thought I’d offer a little orientation to those of you who are new, so you can find out what I’m doing and discover what might support you and your interests.

The Blog

Everything I’m now doing once started as a blog I started writing in 2009. I blog regularly at on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so if you’re receiving this email, you’ll automatically get every new blog in your inbox on those days. My blog, which I call “Passionate Prescriptions For Living & Loving Fearlessly” is pretty much equally divided into posts aimed at your personal and spiritual growth and posts informing you about the latest in mind/body/spirit medicine.

You may see these blog posts elsewhere, as they’re also syndicated on,,,,, and

Please participate on the blog! I read every single comment that comes in and I love hearing your feedback. What you write inspires my own personal and spiritual journey, as well as my intellectual curiosity! You ask questions that lead me to dive deeper into all I’m still learning about. So keep the comments coming. I promise that I learn as much from you as you learn from me.

The Daily Flame

For those of you who want inspiration more often, you can also sign up free for The Daily Flame, where you get daily love letters from your “Inner Pilot Light” to YOU, meant to help you tap into that wise, intuitive, soulful inner doctor that resides within all of us. Of all the things I do in the world, The Daily Flame is what inspires the most love letter responses from readers! People email the Inner Pilot Light, and the responses we get are incredibly touching. You already have a relationship with this spiritual part of you, but The Daily Flame is meant to help you cultivate that. Writing The Daily Flame is also my very favorite part of my job, so it tickles me that people feel so much love from these words. But really, it’s not about me. It’s about YOU. Light up your Inner Pilot Light by signing up here if you haven’t already.

Heal Health Care Now

We haven’t officially launched the site yet. Right now, it’s only a placeholder forum, but as I write this, we already have over 2200 empowered patients, conscious health care providers, and other supporters at who have already raised their hands to say, “Count me in!” as part of the revolution to heal health care.

Joining the community is free, and we’ll be officially launching in 2014, when we’ll mobilize this village of revolutionaries into action. We are creating a site where those who want to be ambassadors for this movement can play leadership roles, and those who want to learn from those leaders can find those who might help them. If you want to be among the first to participate in this group of revolutionaries, join us now at and you’ll be the first to hear about our launch party. Empowered patient Ken Jaques is our awesome community manager, so stop by and say hi to Ken when you join!

The Whole Health Medicine Institute

We’re just finishing the inaugural year of the Whole Health Medicine Institute MD Training Program, and we’re in the process of recruiting for the Class of 2014. This year’s guest teachers included luminaries like Rachel Naomi Remen, Christiane Northrup, Bernie Siegel, Larry Dossey, Martha Beck, and Bruce Lipton, and next year’s line up is just as exciting! If you’re an MD or DO who is interested in applying for this program, read more about the application process here.

If you’re a licensed health care provider but not a physician, don’t worry! We’re not discriminating against you. In the summer of 2014, we’ll be launching a branch of the Whole Health Medicine Institute aimed specifically at you. To get on the waiting list for this program, email Pearl here.

VIP Mentoring Program

For the past two years, I’ve run a 6 month one-on-one VIP mentoring program for visionaries on a mission to help heal the world. This program includes a full day session live in the Bay area with me, as well as follow up sessions via phone or Skype. I’m not yet sure whether I’m going to have the bandwidth to offer this program in 2014, but in case you’re interested, you can read more about the program here and get on the waiting list for future programs by emailing Pearl here.


Although I do run a business, most of what I create I give away for free- my blog, the Daily Flame, free teleclasses, and other goodies you can download at no charge. Access them here:

The Self-Healing Kit

A Teleclass with me & Brené Brown– How Vulnerability Affects Your Health (& Your Life)

The Red Hot Secrets webinar for visionary entrepreneurs with Amy Ahlers

How To Change The World A Guide For Inspired Visionaries

Virtual Programs

I also teach a variety of paid virtual programs, including the 40 Day Whole Health Challenge (home study program coming soon!), Find Your Calling with Martha Beck & Amy Ahlers, and Visionary Ignition Switch with Amy Ahlers. In 2014, I’ll be teaching a program with Kitchen Table Wisdom author Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen about finding meaning and purpose in your life (if you stay on this mailing list, you’ll get notified about the free teleclass we’re doing together in January!). I’ll also be teaching another program, The Surrender Sanctuary, with Outrageous Openness author Tosha Silver. We’ll be launching the program in February with a live event in the Bay area right around Valentine’s Day (those of you who don’t live here can join us at home on Ustream!).

As long as you’re on this mailing list, you’ll here about these free events, as well as the paid virtual programs, as they come up.

My National Public Television Special Heal Yourself: Mind Over Medicine

My first public TV special Heal Yourself: Mind Over Medicine (watch the trailer here) aired nationwide. If you haven’t seen it, keep an eye on your local listings to find out when it’s showing next. The public television stations just finished the December pledge events, so it may not be airing again until March 2014, but you never know!

Live Events

I love sharing my message at a variety of different public speaking venues and in workshops. In 2013, I went on a book tour, where I had the opportunity to meet with readers around the country. I also regularly speak at Hay House I Can Do It events. I’ve given three TEDx talks (watch them here, here, and here). This year, I’m leading group workshops at both Kripalu and Esalen. In 2013, I taught at Rancho La Puerta Spa. In 2014, I’ll also be speaking with Deepak Chopra at the Chopra Center in San Diego, as well as keynoting the Institute of Integrative Medicine conference in New York City.

You can keep tabs on my events by checking the Events page on


Connect with me on Facebook! I post at least once and often several times per day on Facebook, and because I post there so often, that’s the place where you get the latest, up to date communication on my research, what I’m writing about for future books, the videos, photos, and journal articles I want to expose you to, my own stories about how I’m trying to practice what I preach in my daily life, and suggestions for what you might add to The Prescription you write for yourself. I’ve found that Facebook is the best way to crowdsource ideas for my books, so if you read my posts on Facebook, beware- you might even wind up quoted in one of my books (don’t worry- I always ask permission)! Join me on Facebook here.


I love Twitter. I was such a skeptic when I first started tweeting in 2009, but I have countless Twitter miracle stories, including the latest from my PBS tour. I was stuck in Dallas in an ice storm. My live TV appearance was canceled because the roads were so bad. And I was staying at a hotel that had no restaurant, the taxis were only taking people to hospitals, the hotel shuttle service was down, and when I tried to walk somewhere for food, I fell on the ice within 3 steps. But Sherry of Fork That Food on Twitter, who I’d  never met, tweeted me, and after picking me up in her four wheel drive, she drove me to Whole Foods, took me to this awesome vegan restaurant, brought me some of her raw, vegan Bliss Bites and we wound up meditating in the yoga room upstairs.

The next day, I was appearing on UNC-TV in Chapel Hill, and when I tweeted about it, health blogger James Clear saw that I was in town, tweeted me, and we wound up having lunch. Twitter is just that awesome.

I read every single @LissaRankin mention on Twitter, so it’s a great way to keep in touch. And I also love Instagram, so I share photos of life, nature, and what I love via Instagram, which feeds to Twitter. Follow me on Twitter here.

This website, which I founded in 2009, features over thirty bloggers who write about all of the stones in the Whole Health Cairn- relationships, work/life purpose, spirituality, sexuality, creativity, the environment, financial health, mental health, and physical health. We had over a million readers last year, and there’s some mind-blowingly talented bloggers over there, so be sure to check it out. We post daily at Owning Pink- and in case the name throws you, it’s not just for women! After all, we’re all pink on the inside…


Mostly, I just wanted to say thank you- and welcome. I couldn’t be doing what I’m doing, fulfilling my mission and purpose in the world, if people like you weren’t here supporting my work. It really does take a village to make ourselves- and this world- happier, healthier, and more aligned with Divine purpose. I’m super grateful you’re part of this tribe, and I look forward to getting to know you better, via comments on my blog or social media, on my other websites, when I’m on the road, or in one of my programs.

Wishing you love and blessings during this holiday season,

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  1. Elizabeth Scala

    WOW! Lissa, I thought I was busy but you just are BUSY! But busy in a really fabulous way. Thank you for sharing this synopsis with us. I found it very helpful to know all of the ways that I can connect, collaborate, learn and grow with you. I am checking out more than one link so this may take some time on my part. But I so believe in your work and your message that I am happy to have found you last year! Enjoy your health today, and thank you!


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